Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Health inspection performance of restaurants

I came across this recent editorial regarding the health inspection performance of restaurants in Central Florida.

In states where this information is readily available, an interesting paper would look at the inspection rating as a function of the type of restaurant (independent v. chain, cuisine, etc.), location, and perhaps other property characteristics and see if there are systematic relationships between how a restaurant performs on health inspections and the characteristics of that restaurant.

The Orlando Sentinel, Fla.McClatchy-Tribune Regional News

Sep. 19--The details in a Sentinel report on state inspections of Central Florida restaurants are hard to stomach.

Almost one in three eateries in the past 14 months got cited for rodent- or roach-related violations.

Two in five employed poor hygienic practices, including workers not washing their hands.

And three of five restaurants scored at least 10 "critical violations" that can lead to a variety of foodborne illnesses.

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