Monday, November 28, 2005


Project vs. Thesis

Okay, after class this evening, Dan Fesenmaier and I were having a discussion regarding the relative merits of a project vs. a thesis, and which we should undertake as Master's candidates. I would like some comments and thoughts about this.


Useful tools

Grad school offers a lot of challenges. But remember, there are often tools available to help you meet these challenges. One great tool that you might not know about is the TU Writing Center ( Among the great tools they offer are helpful handouts. They have a handout on doing APA format that is quite useful. They also offer live and e-mail tutoring.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Serious leisure

For anyone interested in the concept of serious leisure, here are a pair of old references to get you started. One way to follow how this concept has evolved is to search for papers that cite this work.

Stebbins, R. (1982) Serious leisure: a conceptual statement. Pacific Sociological Review 25(2),
Stebbins, R. (1997) Casual leisure: a conceptual statement. Leisure Studies 16(1), 17–25.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


new posts versus threaded comments

I wondered why new topics were appearing as threaded comments. It's simple--to create a new topic you need to go to the site. You can do this from our blog--just click the blog logo on the bottom of the page. Once signed-in, click on new post.

I said this would be a learning experience for us all!

Remember, you can initiate new topics (in fact I'd encourage you to do so).


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