Wednesday, January 25, 2006



Does anyone have any good suggestions for organizing research efforts? I am in the middle of several high caliber projects at the moment, and am drowning in papers. I have no assistant, and need some good suggestions for organizing what I already have. I am thinking index cards for now. At least I can carry those around without breaking my back, unlike carrying around much of the research I have amassed.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Welcome back! (and fyi about some research tools)

It's the start of another exciting semester here in the Masters of Tourism & Hospitality Management program. I'm looking forward to increased traffic on our blog.

I wanted to share a piece of useful information. There are a number of new databases available on the TU library web site. One that looks especially useful is called Scopus. It has at least three features that caught my attention . . .

1 it searches both its own database as well as the web,
2 from the hits it returns it compiles lists of the journal titles and authors who appear most frequently, and
3 and once you find a citation, there are links to other items that cite the paper you've found.

We have it on extended trial until the end of '06. Use it, and if it seems like an improvement over other databases, let me (or somebody in the library) know.

Another search tool you might want to explore is Google Scholar.

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