Monday, April 02, 2007


Current events

Ok, our blog is dead. Long live the blog!

Let's give this one more chance. If we can't generate a reasonable conversation then we can revive the blog in the fall perhaps targeted differently or more broadly. But let's see what momentum we can generate over the rest of this semester.

Some issues of interest in the media:

1. long time LV casino employee fired for going public with compliants about the tourists attracted to Vegas during the NBA All Star weeked,
2. the issue of publicly owned convention center hotels keeps appearing--it this a good, bad, or indifferent use of scare public resources?,
3. gambling continues to spread--the latest is today's opening of NJ's first OTB center in (of all places) Vineland. The model is clearly casino sports book / sports bar rather than grimey storefront. One might suggest that this represents the continued evolution of the gaming / hospitality / entertainment nexus.

Hey! Don't blame me, I post things.
No blame was intended . . . besides if there was anyone to blame it would be me.
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