Thursday, October 05, 2006


sports and place image

Does a successful sports team help make a destination more attractive? Many claim that there is a positive relationship but there's little documentation to support this claim.

For example Green, Costa, & Fitzgerald deconstructed almost 12 hours of NCAA Women's Final Four coverage to measure the image of the host city (San Antonio). San Antonio pictures or images appeard for a total of 3.5 minutes! Similarly, Steph Ritter's thesis looked at newspaper coverage of the Army-Navy game over the past 25+ years. Most coverage of the game was neutral towards Philly and the most intensive coverage came when the Vet's railing failed in '98. Hardly the type of event to create a positive image.

The latest claim for this relationship is that Rutgers football is helping to give Jersey a good image. See the attached link for an example.

Lots of potential for both consumer and media based studies on this topic!

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