Tuesday, October 31, 2006


It's 1984 for the Philly hotel industry

A number of national news sources have featured the GPHA's call for hotels to remove a copy of Philadelphia magazine that includes a story about Philly's increasing murder rate.

Cover Story Cover-up: Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association Makes Plea to Hoteliers to Remove 6,000 Copies of Complimentary In Room Magazine go to https://po-b.temple.edu/wm/mail/fetch.html?urlid=57d391ef0bb8b1d375c198251010746be&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hotel-online.com%2FNews%2FPR2006_4th%2FOct06_RoomMagazine.html

That link isn't working.

I have seen that story over the weekend, and posted it on Phillyblog, someone else has since picked it up and posted it again. It made it way to AP, and hence the reason it has gotten nationwide press. It was a little ridiculous that Ed Grose made an issue of it at all, since it is now bigger than it should have been. Especially since many in Philadelphia consider this magazine to be useless to even line their birdcages with!
This might make a nice case study on crisis (mis)management.
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