Friday, September 29, 2006



From TIA . . .

"WINE AND CULINARY TOURISM STUDY TO BE RELEASED THIS MONTH"Seventeen percent of American leisure travelers (27.3 million) have participated in one or more culinary activities while traveling over the past three years", according to TIA's new Wine and Culinary Tourism Study. Learn more about wine and culinary tourists in this month's release of the study. Travel behaviors, preferences, and rankings of destinations are included in this comprehensive report of leisure travelers. Contact Valerie Hutchinson at 202-408-8422 to place your order for this report."

You've been busy today. Thank you, I will order this.
Yes, I'm trying to get into the discipline of posting regularly. Also, since working with Stephanie I'm thinking that we (STHM / MTHM)should be doing more on media issues related to tourism--such as looking at patterns of media coverage of PA wine, for example. :-)
Works for me, obviously. And I have quite the collection already. I did call to order, and was on TIA's website to find the report, but nothing yet.
Received a call back from Valerie Hutchinson today. I missed the call, but my husband took a message. She quoted a price of $1500.00 for non-members for the report. Can that be correct?
Is there any chance Temple will acquire this study and add it to its collection? If so, will it arrive in time to do any good?

It is just too pricey to buy on my own.
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