Thursday, March 30, 2006


Texas is busting people for "public intoxication" in bars.

This might be a topic of interest . . .
"Undercover agents have "infiltrated" 36 bars and arrested 30 drinkers. Explanations from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission: 1) We're doing it to stop drinkers before they get in a car. 2) Even if they're not going to get in a car, maybe they'll "walk out into traffic and get run over." 3) Or maybe they'll "jump off of balconies trying to reach a swimming pool and miss." 4) Anyway, bars aren't exempt from laws against public intoxication."

There was a piece on this on CBS Sunday Morning, just this past Sunday. Can probably go to and look it up. Why don't we just make bars illegal and cut out the middleman, for christ's sake?
from USAE-MAIL: Latest News of Associations, CVBs and Hotels, April 4 2006 . . .

Texas Crackdown on Drunks Has Tourism Officials Worried….A crackdown on public intoxication in Texas bars has tourism officials worried and state officials taking another look at a program that sends undercover officers into bars to find and arrest those who appear to be drunk.
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