Thursday, March 16, 2006


business plan handbooks @ TU library

I recently received this email from Barbara Wright, business librarian at Paley Libraries.

"All eleven editions of the Business Plans Handbook have beenacquired in digital format and are available online. They canbe accessed directly from Diamond (the Online Catalog) from:http://diamond.temple.eduJust search for Business Plans Handbook, by title.Each edition contains real business plans for real companies,in a variety of industries. (The company names have beenchanged, but the business plans are real.)All eleven volumes can be searched at once from the "QuickSearch" option shown on the screen when a single volume ischosen from the Online Catalog. For instance, if you choosethe latest edition (2006) and search for the keyword"airline", the Quick Search will automatically search allvolumes of the set for a business plan with the keyword"airline" in it."

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