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tourism grad student network

tourism grad student network

Hey, can we talk about the deadlines for the thesis. I feel Gabriella's pain with Sandro's class and this thesis, and I need to focus more on the thesis, which, frankly I have no clue how to start, but don't want to miss any deadlines. Anyone have ANY suggestions? Please let me know ASAP. I have a topic, that's about it.

Well, if your goal is to graduate this May the TU Grad School website ( says that "5/1/06
Final copies of dissertation/thesis and paperwork due to the Graduate School for May 2006 graduation."

Working backwards from that date suggests that you'd want to have something very close to a finished version completed by mid-April. You would defend it (read "defend" as "resent it to your committee")then make the necessary revisions. Then you'd need to make sure that the format of the document met all of the Grad School specifications. See ( for some details. Someone from the Grad School _will_ examine the look of your thesis with the proverbial fine tooth comb.

Ok, so how do you get a very good version of the finished product by mid-April? Again, work backwards and think about all the steps you need to complete.

1. select a chair and form a committee. If you're doing a thesis you need a 3-person committee, with one person from outside STHM. (NOTE: if you're doing a project you work with a 2-person committee, your deadline is when grades are due at the end of the semester, and the Grad School is out of the loop when it comes to formating, etc.)

2. identify a topic (probably work closely with your chair on this step)

3. develop a proposal and submit it to your committee. Have a proposal defense (eg, present it to your committee and revise as necessary).

4. do it.

5. write it up. Expect to do one or more revisions with your chair prior to taking it to the rest of the committee.

6. present it to your committee. Give them a hard copy one week or more prior to the date of your final defense.

7. revise for content and style issues.

8. get it to the Grad School.
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