Friday, February 10, 2006


Thesis Stress

Hello gang. This is for all of you that are in the process, or about to be, of writing the dreaded thesis. I have a topic, yet I have no idea how to start this process. I need to focus on this immediately so that I don't fall further behind. For all of you who are working on this, can you please let me know ASAP how I go about doing this?

Immediate step #1--turn your topic into a do-able problem. Figure out what, specifically, you want to do. Put it, if possible, in the form of a problem statement as we discussed in 507. Think about where the data will come from. Will you need to generate original, primary data or will you be able to use existing, secondary, data?

Make sure that you've completed step #0 before attempting step #1. READ THE LITERATURE. Know what's known and what's unknown about your topic. Know what are the hot, sexy aspects of your topics. These are the questions that people are asking. These are the issues that show up in the trade press or in the mass media. This gives you the justification for your project by answering the SO-WHAT question. And if you know the literature that means you can go pretty directly from crafting a good problem statement to doing the actual research.
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